"AQUALYTE (neutral analyte)" - a disinfectant for disinfection of objects of veterinary supervision, etc.

Basic characteristics:
  • Application: in veterinary medicine, in poultry farming, in animal husbandry
  • Methods of application: wiping, irrigation, aerosol treatment
  • Effective against bacteria, mycobacteria, viruses, fungi and spores
  • It does not cause the slightest damage to vital activity of warm-blooded organisms
  • It is possible to apply in the presence of people and animals.
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  • It is used for sanitation of poultry facilities and territories
  • It is used to disinfect the air environment of poultry houses in the presence of a bird
  • It is applied at the enterprises of the poultry industry
  • It is used for disinfecting food egg shell surface
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